One of the main problems that Spanish economy is confronted with is unemployment, namely among the youngest generations (over 50% below 25). With an economy in recession and the highest rates of unemployment hitting young people, companies may not only be reluctant to hire, but if they do engage someone they can be very explicit about terms and conditions, values and convictions.

So far, so good, but what happens if we need to manage diversity? Can such an environment slow down or even restrain the natural evolution and adaptation of a whole generation of companies while ignoring a whole generation of our society?

Although some might not be willing to accept it, the Millennial generation has already a tremendous impact on Spanish economy despite high unemployment. This impact is not only to be measured in terms of consumer behavior. The evidence is clear when it comes to the consumer habits, but the most subtle impact has to be considered in terms of business and enterprises mindset. Corporations ability to attract Millennials is clue.

What about business travel? We have insisted several times on the importance of embracing consumer habits of the new generations and adapting them to travel policies, systems and solutions. But furthermore TMCs as any other company in whatever sector have to face the challenge of using Millennials talent to move on and perhaps to prepare for disruptions.

Are our corporations prepared or willing to change mindset or to accept diversity? Are they prepared to admit new formula of dialogue, hierarchy or compromise or do they just stand for the old rules?

It may sound bizarre but it is only business.

(c) Marcel Forns


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